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Book a shoot:

 Contact me for my studio PDF that has the rates of all my collections and printed product options for you to review.

Set a shoot & consultation date:

We will get you on the calendar with a stylist on a day that works for everyone, I can book you up to 12 months out, but of course will have times available much sooner so check with me on dates.

I recommend booking 2-3 months in advance whenever possible. However I sometimes have last minute dates available so feel free to email me with your date requests. Book a minimum 1.5 months before you want physical printed products in hand. Digitals you usually have a good 2-3 weeks before physical prints.

The consultation we aim for around 2 weeks before the shoot or more. But try to keep it within the month of your shoot.

I will collect your deposit at booking ($250) to hold your date. The remaining $275 is due the day of your shoot.


The Consultation:

This is to plan your shoot in person, see the studio in advance, pick  wardrobe (and even try on in advance if you like) ask questions, talk about how to prepare for the shoot, and go over any specific goals and looks you're hoping to get from your dream shoot, and of course pick your sets and see all the printed products in advance so you can start planning how you might want to display your products.

This can be done via email if you cannot make more than one trip in for your session, we will just have you come in 15 minutes before your scheduled time to start picking wardrobe and the rest we can do in advance via email. You are always welcome to provide your own wardrobe, but I do have a huge selection of options sizes xsm-xxxl)

The shoot:

You will arrive at your scheduled time to start hair and makeup styling, you are welcome to just get make-up or hair, or none though it does not effect your session rate. I know some people like to handle their own and that's totally fine!

Once you are styled we will start your shoot on the sets we pre-picked. Every session includes your choice of two sets, with an option to add a 3rd for an additional fee. We will shoot a variety of poses and angles until I have at least 30+ beautiful images for you to pick from. 

The Selection process:
As soon as your shoot is done you we break for 30-45 minutes, you can either relax in the styling room and take selfies, snack, what-have you, or run out to grab a quick bite to eat near by. While you do this I will be selecting the best image from each of your poses and doing quick cropping and light adjustments to make them presentable. Once done we will sit down together at the big screen and go through each one to pick which collection you'd like to purchase based on how many portraits you love, you only go home with portraits you love and I don't do the hard sell, pushy sales stuff because....awkward!

At this point we can talk about retouching and if there's anything in particular you want done on any of the images, obviously I will do my regular thing unless less than normal retouching is requested! 

I will:

Do a skin retouch, including dark spots, scars, bruises, acne, scabs, etc.

Clean up hair.

touch up clothing as needed.

Tuck any places just a little to assure perfect curves while still looking like YOU.

Touch up lighting and add in any elements to help bring out the theme and vibe of the portraits. 

However YOU know you best, and I know we can be our own worst critics, so seeing your unretouched images will give you a chance to weigh in on the retouching process and allows me to show a larger selection of pose options than I have been able to in the past. Once I have your choices retouched I will send them to you for your approval before sending them to the lab for printing, at this point I can make one more round of small tweaks if requested before sending them to the lab.

Seeing the unretouched portraits may not be everyone's cup of tea, if this is something you may find triggering please feel free to talk to me about it and I can arrange another option for you. 

The delivery:

Once your final edits are approved I will send you an album to download your high resolution digitals from along with a signed printing release from me. I will send any printed products ordered to the lab and it will take 2-3 weeks to get orders in hand. I can ship them to you or you can pickup at the studio. Production time on physical products can run a bit longer around christmas time and there are lab cut off dates so be sure to book anything for christmas gifts in advance.

Payment options:

We take exact change cash or card day of the shoot. Deposit of $250 is due within 72 hours of booking to save your shoot date. The remaining $275 is due the day of the shoot.

PAYMENT PLANS: (note: you have to wait until your payment plan is paid in full before receiving any part of your order, if you do not want to wait check out the credit options below as those you get everything right away. Payment plans are more for people who would rather not put items on credit.) Let me know what payment plan method below you'd  be interested in and I can math it out for you with tax to make sure you know exactly what payments would be before comitting. No one likes surprises when it comes to spending money!

Pre-pay Law-away option:

For portrait orders you can do a layway method and make payments on any collection you like + your session fee for up to 12 months or less and once we are 80/90% paid we can go ahead and book your shoot, this way its all paid off and gives you something to look forward to. You may always upgrade your collection to a higher one if you end up loving more than you did with your lay-away method, which you can either do in full day of or we can extend the payment plan out as you need to pay off the difference.

Payment plan for session fee only:

Payment plan after the shoot: If you want to just do your session and them make payments on a collection after (this is for those who are unsure which collection they will definitely want and would like to wait till they see the photos to decide) we can do a payment plan after for up to 12 months. We can math out options for you at the time of the reveal based on what you love and see what works best for you.

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