You had me at Hello.....

 So you're into the idea and ready to learn more?

Okay, here we go!


Every in-studio shoot includes:

-A shoot design consultation to completely customize your shoot

-Two sets (Includes all basic sets here!)

-Two looks (per person)

-Professional hair and makeup styling for one lady

(You can add styling for others in the shoot! Or to add upgrades to your own styling, check out the styling menu)

-Access to the Studio wardrobe

-20 beautifully hand retouched portraits for you to order from


For each shoot, you can shoot any two combinations of:

Modern Boudoir

Vintage Pinup/Glamour

Vogue/Vanity Fair style portraits

Family portraits/Generational Legacy

Personal Branding



Any other sort of portraits: minimalistic or something more creative, for more creative bookings please contact me with your vision before booking so we can discuss any extra fees that might be included


So what's the process? It's simple!


1. Love it: you're smitten, you know you want a shoot, so the first step is saying out loud "I deserve a beautiful portrait." Did you say it? Come on, try it!


2. Learn it: Alright so you're head over heels, but you need to know what's involved, logistics and what not! Well you're in the right place! Finish reading this page and check out the link at the bottom to the q&a page for more info. Then email me and I will get you my studio PDF with full shoot and product pricing and we can chat about any questions you have!


3. Live it: You are into it, you've done your homework, and you're ready to dive in! At this point, we will set up an in-person shoot design consultation to plan your shoot. We can set your shoot date at this time or wait until the consultation to set the date.  


4. You come in for your consultation, we talk about how to create the perfect shoot for you, who you want to be photographed with, what your styling needs are. We discuss wardrobe, you can see all our products in person and take a look at the studio to get an idea of what sets/backgrounds scream you! I have a lot of wardrobe and props! But if I don't have something you want for your shoot we can schedule your session a bit further out for you to track down what you need, but you are not alone in this! I can lend advice, opinions, and even do some of the hunting for you if you don't know where to begin! I am 100% here for you!



This day is completely dedicated to you.

You'll come in, ready to rock because I've prepped you on how to arrive, and what to bring. You'll jump into hair and make up, totally movie star style. Then we will get you dressed up and start capturing some epic images! (P.s. plan a night out after your shoot because you are going to look STUNNING, and should really keep the fun going!)


6. The Reveal: You'll return to the studio to sit with me and we will look through your final portraits and decide what you'd like to take home forever! 

These are not just photos meant to snapped and thrown on a cd to get scratched, dirty and lost (yuck). These are each crafted as a work of art for you to treasure and display proudly. Prints/Digitals are not included in the sitting fee, but this gives you the option to only pay for and go home with portraits you absolutely LOVE.

I do not hard sell you, I take polished high-end portraits of you so you'll WANT all of them. What you buy is entirely up to you. You make no decisions or commitments to anything until you see your final portraits for yourself. 

And yes! I do offer payment plans for portrait purchases!





I know what you're thinking, this all sounds awesome, but it's time to drop the price tag on me...

Every shoot, all that is included above, all the options, all the fun and glamour, and yes, of course, the styling included, is only $350. A day you'll never forget, where YOU are the star. 

I offer beautiful matted wall portraits starting at $150 each, and gorgeous Folio box collections starting at $900

As well as a variety of other beautiful products. (Again, LOOK AT HOW PRETTY THESE PRODUCTS ARE!)

Also available are high end canvas gallery wraps and beautiful 11x14 portrait printed silk wrapped photo books. And I can hear you through your screen:

Take a breath. With every single image you purchase in any of our products you get a high resolution digital of that pose with personal printing rights AND publication rights. So, for example say you ordered a 16x20 for your living room wall, not only do you get a fine art print on museum quality paper, matted and ready to frame, you get the digital that you can print on your own in any sizes you'd like for all of time, AND since you have the publication rights you can submit them to magazines (yes any magazine (o; ), use on your website, business cards, newspaper interviews. The only thing that is a no-no is printing to resell the image in any capacity. Other than that, it's all yours!

When you fill out the contact form on the next page I will send you a full PDF price list of all our products to look over before you book, the only surprise I want you to have during this experience is how addicting it will be!


All of this will take place at my home studio in Lansing MI. I do have cats! So please contact me in advance if you have any allergies. On location shoots are available for an additional fee.

For commercial work or basic head-shots please contact me directly for a quote 


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