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Christmas Mini Special!


My husband and I have been working our butts off getting this Victorian Greenhouse dupe built over this summer and managed to finish JUST in time for Christmas minis!


Flat rate digital packages.

 Must come photo ready, styling/wardrobe not included or available.

Quick shoots in a Victorian style greenhouse with Christmas Decor

 (there will be a little heater but may be a little chilly, so dressing warmly is recommended.)


Package options:

1 pose $125 (125 per)

 3 poses $300 (100 per)

5 poses $450 (90 per)

8 poses $600 (75 per) 


A "pose" are differently posed images through the greenhouse and are retouched and delivered looking in their natural camera state (with mild adjustments). A second enhanced version of the same pose(s) (which is just a more filtered version for a more vintage look) will also be included. So you will end up with two versions of each pose. That way you have a couple options to share and/or print. When I get a photo I'm happy with I show you it on the back of the camera  to make sure you're happy with it too before moving on to the next pose.


 To compare:  My normal rates are $150 per image (dropping the more you buy the more you save) with either a $150-$250 session fee (not including styling) so these minis are pretty discounted.


Photos delivered within 7 days or sooner. 

(Usually sooner and I may be able to accommodate some last minute bookings.)

 Availability is flexible. 

But sunset is around 5pm each day so bookings 4pm or earlier is necessary

 (I prefer mornings but I am flexible!) 

Digitals are high resolution and come with personal printing rights and publication rights.

Booking now through Dec 17th

Minis usually take 5-15ish minutes depending on happy kiddos and package chosen.


Space is small, recommended for families of 4-5 people max (max 3 adults at a time). Couples, kids, families and individuals all welcome.

 No pets at this time though, service animals always welcome.


Deposit is half the session fee, the rest is due day of the shoot. 


Disclaimer: Gift vouchers are only for regular studio sessions and 

can not be applied to these discounted minis. 

Hair/makeup and wardrobe can not be added. 

There will be no studio access so plan on no bathroom access.

 But the shoot will be relatively quick! 


Email me to book!


Want to see the process of us building this greenhouse?
We duped it from a cheap harbor freight kit, and I've documented the entire process on my tiktok @autumn.luciano Just check out the Victorian greenhouse dupe playlist! For everyone who already follows me, I'd like to thank you guys for helping me reach 12k just yesterday! <3

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