What's the word?

"Autumn was amazing, she took a vision and made this shoot wonderful. She was very patient and caring, and listened to everything I wanted to make this day special Autumn is very professional and you can tell she takes pride in her craft.


Autumn you are amazing at what you do and I'm beyond happy that you made this day very special for me. These are memories i'll forever cherish."

- Alisha

"I loved the experience! I never really put much thought into makeup or being pretty, but was always fascinated with pinups. When I went into the building, I was amazed at how cute the rooms were. The makeup artist was really nice and knew exactly what I wanted. Autumn was really kind and had a lot of experience in coaching to get me from being awkward to being elegant in the photos." - Cecilia

"Before meeting Autumn Luciano, I never considered myself to be a photogenic individual. Often, I would resort to making funny faces to hide my own insecurities when photos were being taken, or avoid photos all together. When Autumn invited me to have portraits taken, I was anxious to say the least. She walked me through everything and immediately, I felt comfortable and welcomed into her studio. Autumn opened a door to a whole different world. A world filled with self esteem, empowerment, and just feeling feminine again. Autumn Luciano’s work is breathtakingly gorgeous and her creativeness knows no bounds. I highly recommend Autumn Luciano to any and all that want to take the leap into feeling confident and breaking down those comfort zones. " - Erin

"As someone who has shot with a variety of photographers I’ve never felt more comfortable, confident and had better direction than I did with Autumn. I recommend all of the services Luciano Studios offer, from hair to makeup to wardrobe, everything they offer is amazing. I’m so in love with every one of my photos and the confidence I have in myself after my experience with Autumn. I can’t wait until I get to do another shoot! Thank you for making me feel beautiful."


"My experience with Autumn is what I never knew I needed. I followed Autumn  on social media for a good year and a half before I decided to just jump in and do it. I love anything retro, vintage, or having to do with pinups so this was right up my alley but I kept talking myself out of it. I’d tell myself that I wouldn’t have the right look, or I wasn’t the right size, among a myriad of other stupid excuses. I was completely missing the point of Decadence Dolls! It wasn’t until I set up the appointment and walked into her home that I realized that this kind of thing is for EVERYONE, no matter their color, shape, size, etc. Because I tend to be indecisive I chose the Roulette shoot (where the photographer chooses the styling, poses, etc.) and opted to pay a little extra for the hair and makeup (which was TOTALLY worth it!). Autumn was extremely knowledgeable and professional and made sure I was comfortable, was having fun, and looked amazing. My pictures turned out more fabulous and not only did this experience boost my self-esteem but I learned that sexy isn’t a size or an outfit. Sexy is a mindset and it does NOT discriminate. Autumn and Decadence dolls gets a 10/10 , two thumbs up, and a five stars from me!"  - Sarah

"I would recommend Autumn to EVERYONE who has ever wanted to do a photo shoot, pinup or otherwise. 
She is super nice and amazing to work with! I was super nervous but she knows what she is doing and made me feel comfortable and took BEAUTIFUL photos of me. 
She and Maggie Doten (MUAH) made me feel like a pinup princess! I will definitely be going to her for more shoots in the future! 11/10! 
Thank you so much Autumn!" - Erica

"Autumn is not only talented but an amazing person. She makes you feel confident and beautiful. Every photo she's taken I have absolutely loved. I truly love Autumn's work and her being genuinely sweet makes me keep booking shoots with her even states away." - Lila

"I loved working with Autumn. She was really helpful and patient while teaching me how to pose. And my pictures turned out beautifully. I would love to work with her again. I would definitely recommend her to a friend." - Nylise

"When it comes to photography (like countless other art forms) you get what you pay for, and your image is only as good as the people making it happen. If you're serious about pinup, work with the best. In my opinion, Autumn is by far one of the best photographers in the area. Your images can be tailored to one-of-a-kind or replicas of iconic timeless photographs. Autumn is always open to a creative or personal vision and often blows other photographers out of the water with her unique and creative sets.

If you want the same images as dozens of other people, look elsewhere.

If you're invested in yourself, make photographs that reflect your investment. Work with Autumn, and you can't possibly be disappointed with the results of your work, money, and vision. I can't recommend her enough." - Bri

"After just losing my husband unexpectedly, I visited autumn to do a photo shoot that my husband had purchased for Christmas. 


For a few hours, I felt as though everything around me was perfectly normal. And now I have these absolutely beautiful pictures to reflect back on, that remind me of that moment!!!


Thank you Autumn, you are an incredible artist, and an even more wonderful person"


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