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winter 2020/21 announcement:

 Due to Covid and having a low immune system, and a homes studio I was only doing outdoor, social distanced shoots through spring/summer/fall2020, but now that winter is here I will not be able to offer a lot of really stylized shoots until spring 2021. I can shoot you on location in the lansing area, and I DO have vanity fair quick indoor minis with a covid safety protocol. (see below)

I do still have some fun projects you can partake in, even if you can't get in front of my camera! Check out below. Also keep in mind I am available for retouching and graphic design requests. I also have created a line of beautiful products, including props, creative portrait displays, jewelry, home decor and more. Much which is customizable. 

Email me with anything you may have in mind for a product, fun photo project, custom gift, etc. and I will see what I can do for you! I appreciate all work during this time as the studio is my only household income.

All gift vouchers are good until the end of 2021 as of 6/1/2020

Outdoor shoots will resume in spring 2021. The full indoor pampered shoot experience shoots will return once I have my studio space outside my home secure and/or once there is a covid vaccine. 

Vanity Fair Minis

These are quick vanity fair style minis, wardrobe included, hair and makeup can be arranged at a local salon. Backdrop will be a dark brown hand painted canvas.

Digital wardrobe and accessories to pick from. Covid safety measures and protocols are in place. Booking now, scheduling must be flexible based on current state restrictions.

Packages are 3-5 images, and are flat rate digital packages that include personal printing rights.

The Quarantine Dollhouse


 The quarantine dollhouse series: with my guidance and direction you get all dolled up and take a photo at home (even on a camera phone) and I edit you into the set of your choice in these adorable dollhouse sets.

You get an excuse to dress up and have some fun, and come out with an internet size digital to share online. These range from $40-$60 each for one subject (more can be added for $20 per subject) and I just added a ton of new set options.

Email me to see all the sets available!

Digital Collage

Low resolution digital collages for any unprofessional photo or a photo I took of you in the past for $30 each! (I can use professional photos from other photographers but only with their written consent.) Email me for guidelines!

The Tink Basilica

My husband and I have been designing and creating a line of portrait displays, custom art and signs, other home décor, and jewelry. Check out our etsy to see what we have available, we are adding to it all the time. We can also do many custom projects, so if you have something special in mind please contact me at

Visit the basilica here 

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