The Quarantine Dollhouse

The Studio is temporarily closed due to Covid. But there are multiple ways to support the studio and still get some beautiful portraits.


 The quarantine dollhouse series: with my guidance and direction you get all dolled up and take a photo at home (even on a camera phone) and  edit you into the set of your choice in these adorable dollhouse sets (or rockem sockem robots.

You get an excuse to dress up and have some fun, and come out with an internet size digital to share online. These are for a limited time only and are $40 each (rockem sets are $60)

Email me to see all the sets available!

(Scroll to see sales on full portrait shoot gift vouchers after we reopen (good till the end of the year) and digital reorder sales for all past clients

Digital Collage

Low resolution digital collages for any unprofessional photo or a photo I took of you in the past for $20 each! Email me for guidelines!