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I'm raising money to pay for dental surgery for an extremely sweet kitty I helped rescue from a storm drain. She is with a foster currently and we want to get her teeth fixed to make it easier to find her at forever home. Her foster mama named her Autumn! She is so sweet, around 6 years old, spayed, and healthy besides her teeth needing to be removed. The estimation is around $800 so that is my goal, anything left over will got to other kitties in need. If you are in the mid Michigan area and are interested in providing Kitty Autumn a loving forever home for christmas please contact me and I will put you in touch with her foster mama! (update: She got the surgery on 12/20/22 and they had to remove all her teeth which is much more than we initially thought, so I will be raising some extra for her to make up for the difference in the vet bill.)

Collage details

They are internet sized digitals (meaning they look great on social media but will not print in great quality), only $20 for one subject ($10 for each additional) and I can build any scene or vibe you want or totally surprise you!

Send as full of a body (or at least a full head) photo of your pet, friend, fam, friend or Fam's pet, kid, etc to (professional photos not by me require direct permission from the photographer)

AND! Send a screenshot of your proof of payment to Saved by Zade, the rescue who is caring for Kitty Autumn. Send them payment for your collage(s) with a note that says "Kitty Autumn's dental collage fundraiser"

And send payment to @SbyZ on PayPal or @SBZcats on venmo . I am taking commissions today (12/22) and tomorrow (12/23) ONLY! christmas eve and day I will not be making collages.

I will open comissions again next week if we need to raise more for her.


P.s. I can work with AI portraits (like from the Lensa App, or My Heritage AI for an added extra level of epicness if you'd like, there are samples of that below!

Kitty "Autumn" Who we are raising funds for!


Samples of AI portraits turned into Digital collages. The first photo is the AI and the second is the collage.

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