I'm raising money to pay for my cat, Samson's teeth extraction, he's already going into MSU for a hyperthyroidism iodine treatment aug 15th, 2 weeks prior he stopped eating and acted like he was in a ton of pain which, with an emergency room visit, we discovered some very infected back teeth that will only stop reinfecting him once they are removed. Which will be a safer procedure after his thyroid is fixed. He is on pain med and antibiotics currently and is doing well. 

Collage details

They are internet sized digitals, only $20 for one subject ($10 for each additional) and I can build any scene or vibe you want or totally surprise you!

Send as full of a body (or at least a full head) photo of your pet, friend, fam, friend or Fam's pet, kid, etc to autumnluciano@gmail.com (professional photos not by me require direct permission from the photographer)

And send payment to autumnluciano@gmail.com on PayPal or @autumnluciano on venmo with a not that it's for a digital collage.

Samson says thank you!!!