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Family Portrait Prep Guide


Arrive at your scheduled time,

Ladies and Teen girls If you are adding styling:

Come with clean dry hair, Greasy hair will not hold curl, and there will be an extra charge if the stylists need to dry your damp hair.

Please come with a clean face, no make up applied.
And (IMPORTANT) a loose neck or button down shirt. 

If you have an idea of what you would like to aim for with hair/make up styling, you may show photos to the stylist, keep in mind sometimes certain looks are hard to achieve if you do not have the right hair length/thickness/texture. Our stylists will be sure to work to make sure they get as close as possible to what you are hoping for.

If you are booked for a stylist you start off at our basic  styling level which includes hair and make up.

There are a few upgrade options you are welcome to add on if you wish. You can either let me know and I will make a note or you can let them know day of, usually they will be able to facilitate. But advance notice is always best. Check out our Styling Menu.

Fellas if you are adding styling:

Come with clean dry hair, freshly cut if possible!

Kids adding styling:

Have the little ones come with clean dry hair and clean faces! Please only book little ones who will be patient with styling, you know your baby best!


Ladies and Fellas, and kiddos If you are not adding on styling:

Please come with your hair and make up ready to go. You may have a few minutes to do light touch ups as needed but please come mostly ready to shoot.

For Ladies and teens:

Remove tight bracelets, hair ties from wrists, etc, anything that will leave marks on your skin before you arrive. Avoid tight bras, and tight socks, and definitely do not wear jeans.

Soft leggings or sweatpants are best to avoid marks.

I have some modern wardrobe to pick from and some vintage dresses in preteen/teen sizes that are beautiful for modern vanity fair style portraits. I do not have everything in every size. It is recommended to bring something to wear especially if you are unable to come in for a preshoot consultation to see what's available.

Don't forget to bring a variety of shoes, although I love shooting families barefoot as well.

Ladies and teens/girls:

Keep nails and toenails in mind! light or dark colors look best, avoid anything too bright or nail art if possible.

For Fellas and little fellas:

I do not provide men's wardrobe,  For a classic look: Button down shirt, slacks, brown or black shoes, and a suit jacket if wanted (but not required) For a more laid back look, dark jeans and a black or white tee works well. If you are doing more of a themed shoot feel free to email me options if you need help online shopping or if you have options at home already.

For the little girls!

I do have a variety of vintage and a few modern dresses for girls. Again this is best to look at a preshoot consultation if possible. If not please bring something as a backup option.

For the person in charge!

You should also bring remaining payment since it is due on the day of your shoot. Please bring cash or card. We can accept paypal in a pinch. If you bring cash please bring the correct change to pay for the shoot and the stylist separately.

If you need guidance on wardrobe you are bringing with you, you are always welcome to email me photos and I can lend my advice.


To see photos of all the sets available please click here. Please note when you click the photos on that page, you can see some sets are labeled "basic" those sets are included in your sitting fee. Paper backgrounds in all colors are considered basic sets.

 The "deluxe" sets require more set up/prep/photoshopping than the basic sets and cost an additional fee depending on which it is. Please let me know your set selections at least 3-4 days before your shoot or sooner. I always recommend either a canvas or paper background for modern family photos, we can do something outside the studio weather permitting. There may be a small fee depending on the location.

Looking forward to working with you!!!

NOTE: This is a home studio and I do own cats, so please, if you allergic let me know. I can not remove the problem completely before your shoot but I can at least sweep and have the cats will always be in the back half of the house during shoots. If you are allergic you may want to take a Benadryl before coming over to avoid runny eyes and sneezes!

NOTE: I do retouch you from head to toe in editing to make sure you look perfect, I do not aim to change your size too much unless you ask for heavier editing. I do tuck bulges, smooth skin, remove scars, bumps and bruises. If there is a mark that you want to make sure remains in your final images please let me know during the shoot. 

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