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Are you ready to feel like a work of art?

Lansing Michigan

90% of the women I photograph have never been in front of a camera before in this capacity.

This is a celebrity level, editorial style photo shoot experience but it is for YOU.

Participating in beautiful art is the ultimate level of self care.

It's time we care for ourselves as much as those we love, and what more epic way than a beautiful fantasy photoshoot where you are the heroine of your own story!

Your age, size, and walk of life does not exclude you from this experience. 

I work with you to capture images you LOVE. We handle wardrobe with an extensive selection of clothing including extended plus sizes. And we have hair and makeup styling covered, working with professional stylists who will make your feel stunning! With my 14 years experience capturing thousands of women I will pose you from head to toe, so there is no modeling experience required to feel like a work of art!

Fill out below to receive all the shoot details you'll want to know before booking your dream shoot.

I will be in touch soon with all the shoot info you'll want to know before booking!

Appointments go fast!

This is not your typical portrait studio.

While other photographers will shoot hundreds of photos in the span of an hour, dump them all in a dropbox with minimal effort on retouching or rush you through while booking multiple shoots in a day, I don't play that way. The day I shoot you is YOUR day, we don't rush through the styling, shoot or retouching because you are getting a high-end experience.

All that being said, there are only so many days each month we can shoot and you want to book your shoot date for at least 4-6 weeks before you want physical prints in hand so book ahead!


What's Included:


- Online or In Person Pre-shoot Consultation to plan your shoot

-Access to a 35+ set choices and tons of props

-Access to a huge size inclusive wardrobe that includes jewelry, accessories and even shoes.

-Hair and Make-up styling that you love by a professional stylist

-A day to yourself in the studio where I walk you through posing, share sneak peeks on the back of the camera as we shoot, and capture some killer art of you! This is a very laid back, no rush, pampered day of playing dress up and creating together!

-An in person portrait reveal/ordering session where we view your stunning finished portraits on the big screen and I help you pick the products that work best for your needs. I don't do hard selling, I want you to only go home with what you really love.

-The option to order high end printed products to display your art for generations to come, and every post you order is also delivered to you as a high resolution digital portrait as well! With personal printing rights and publication rights. So you are welcome to print as much as you'd like from it in the future, share on your socials, update your dating app, submit to magazines, or keep all to yourself! 

-Your final images delivered to you in the printed products you choose during your ordering session to display and have a art of yourself to literally carry with you for the rest of your life. It's a powerful thing!

What does it cost?

With an initial investment of your session fee ( Which starts at $275 and includes everything above) what you spend beyond that is up to you. I have a handful of stunning product options but I don't presell any of it because I want you to see your finished beautiful images before you decide on anything.

Of course you will not go into the shoot blind on rates! The exact opposite in fact, there is nothing worse than going into an experience like this and being caught off guard by the price tag. I'm not here to trick you into spending money you're not comfortable spending. I'm here to provide you with a beautiful service that will bring out the beauty and confidence you need to see in yourself. You will get to join a group of people who have seen their dream version of themselves, maybe for the first time, and trust me, that's a club we all deserve to be in!

Fill out the form below and I will email you my studio PDF that lists the rates of every product and all the session options. I am available daily to answer questions and I always offer flexible payment plans on portrait orders because I want this experience to be accessible to as many people as possible!


"Autumn made me feel beautiful, which surprised me. It's been a long time since I felt this way. The feeling stayed with me, and returns each time I look at my photos."

-Fran N.L.

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