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What a portrait photo shoot really means.

The experience of a high-end portrait photo shoot is so much more than just getting your hair and makeup done and putting on a beautiful dress...It bursts your bubble a little. We all live in a bubble of sorts, we see ourselves a certain way, and usually the image we carry around of ourselves is not always positive. The self doubt is real in all of us. What I love about a portrait photo shoot, it is a vulnerable experience, where you give a little trust and in return I can reflect back back an image of yourself that you never thought was possible, because you may have never seen yourself in this way.

Here's the truth: The people who love you, see you as a beautiful portrait every time they look at you.

Sometimes it takes us being able to see a beautiful portrait of ourselves to start that process of self-love. I've taken portraits of hundreds of women who have told me they are not photogenic, that they hate x-y-z about themselves, and come out of their portrait reveal seeing themselves in a whole new light.

I've seen women leave relationship they were unhappy with after their shoots. I've seen them feel powerful again after illness. I've seen them shake up their relationships. Grow their businesses. Gift their children with incredible images of their mom that they will pass down in their family for generations. Gain confidence to take big, intimidating steps in their lives. I've seen body images shift entirely, and the confidence that comes from that has real life effects.

Sometimes it takes seeing yourself in a beautiful dress and soft light, looking like a movie star. It may not the fix for everyone, but I truly believe every woman should experience at least once in their life.

I would love to be the person who you show a little trust to and come out the other side feeling a little closer to your own version of self love and self acceptance.

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