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Monthly Snippet Shoots



Up coming Snippet Shoots:

Note: Gift vouchers of any type are not able to be used on snippet shoots.

Vintage Bathroom

April 4th

Window Light

April 25th

Black and White Beauty

Feb 29th

In The Spotlight

(Feather Fans included if wanted)

May 30th

Introducing Snippet Shoots:

Do you want a taste before coming in for a full shoot? Are you loving my work but need a budget friendly option? Or do you just want beautiful portraits on several sets through the year?

These snippet shoots are perfect for you!



The sitting fee is $50

(yes only $50!!!)

That's all the money you commit to this shoot.

This includes:

-one predetermined set 

-Two retouched portraits to order from

 (no, digitals/prints are not included in the $50!)

You order your images under my normal rates (email me for those rates and all the options!)


All Prints come matted and ready to frame

AND they come with a high resolution digital, with personal printing rights (yes! That means you can print a million of them on your own for everyone you know, they're yours to do with as you like! )

AND the digital also includes publication rights, which means: You can use them for promo! Business cards, websites, flyers, etc! All you flauntrepreneurs can go nuts!

There is no commitment to purchase anything: If you don't love your photos, don't sweat it! ( But you for sure will (o; ) 


Sets will change monthly, some will be vintage, some will be modern, some will be simple, some might be more artistic! 

These shoots will always be on a weekend date. Once I get them rolling I will most likely release the sets and dates for a few months out so people can plan ahead!

Sadly, styling is not included and cannot be added. The reason the sitting is so inexpensive is because these will be fairly quick shoots, and styling takes an hour minimum, so you will be on your own there! You have to come styled and ready to rock when you walk in the door. If you are not confident in styling yourself, i'm sure your favorite local stylist would be happy to hook you up, or maybe a talented friend!

Also not included: Wardrobe. Another thing that slows down these shoots will be picking out wardrobe! I have a huge selection and it can be daunting! You may bring your own look OR I can schedule you extra time, and help you find the perfect look for your shoot from the studio wardrobe for an additional $50. This of course is optional, but I will need to know at the time of booking if you want to add this on.


BONUS: These shoots are open to all ages, genders, and can include up to two people!


So there are all the nitty gritty details! I've been wanting to offer a little fun shoot for you all for a while and i'm grateful to be able to do it now! 


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