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Boudoir Prep

Arrive at your scheduled time.

If you are booking a stylist: Come with clean dry hair no make up on and (IMPORTANT) loose neck shirt or button down shirt. If you have an idea of what you would like to aim for with hair/make up styling, you may show photos to the stylist, keep in mind sometimes certain looks are hard to achieve if you do not have the right hair length/thickness/texture. Our stylists will be sure to work to make sure they get as close as possible to what you are hoping for.  styling includes lashes. There are some styling upgrades, which you can view at

If you know for sure you want to add something from our styling menu try to let me know in advance if you can so I can make a note for the stylist.

Styling comes with every session so unless we already discussed you not working with one of our stylists this applies to you.


If you are NOT booking a stylist: Please come with your hair and make up ready to go. You may have a few minutes to do light touch ups as needed but please come mostly ready to shoot. Things to think about: Freshly shaved legs and underarms (unless that’s not your thing, which is fine with me!) Nails: Modern boudoir obviously you can get away with any color nails, but I would keep it simple. Natural, or a red/pink looks great. Also don’t forget your toes! Also: Moisturize before arrival, and be sure to let me know about any concerns you have for the images (things you’d like photoshopped/minimized during the shoot/not highly featured. Please avoid self tanning lotions prior to your shoot as they can easily leave marks on my white bedding.

For everyone: Remove tight bracelets, hair ties from wrists, etc, anything that will leave marks on your skin. Avoid tight bras, and tight socks, and definitely do not wear jeans. Soft leggings or sweatpants are best to avoid marks. I do not have as huge of a selection of modern lingerie as I do vintage. This being said, I do have a lot of bras, mostly in black, so bringing a cute pair of black underwear will basically have you covered.

Though I do have other options, lingerie sets, one pieces, and some slips. It can never hurt to bring along any lingerie you may own that you feel cute in as a back up. You will want to bring a pair of heels. Black is always best but if you are leaning towards wearing a lighter color you could bring a lighter color heel. Although it is totally appropriate to do boudoir shoots barefoot as well. If you do heels, tall pointy heels are best! Avoid kitten heels and thick heels and please no wedges. super pointy toe shoes also do not look great with this style, but slightly pointed is fine. Remember you don't have to walk in these heels so please don't worry about that! I have up to a size 9/10ish but anything bigger you may want to bring a pair of your own. If you think you may want to wear a garter belt you should bring a pair of thigh highs, I always recommend nude because it will go with any color lingerie you may pick, but if you are set on wearing darker lingerie then black thigh highs are fine.


Avoid rubber grips on thigh highs, as they tend to roll when worn with a garter and can be seen in the photos sometimes. You can shoot boudoir sessions with a more vintage vibe if wanted. You can do vintage lingerie with modern styling, modern lingerie with vintage styling, all vintage or all modern. And this is flexible so if you get into the studio and end up liking the vintage vibe more than the modern or visa versa we can easily switch gears to end up doing what you like best. The modern lingerie provided can tend to be fairly skimpy. If that is the case you may opt to not wear anything under the underwear portion because it may ruin the effect.

Please note each time lingerie is worn in this manner I do wash it twice thoroughly with hot water and soap for cleanliness. If this is something that you are uncomfortable with I would recommend bring a very small nude thong, small pantie liners, or bringing your own undies that we could pair with a bra or one piece. The vintage lingerie is normally a bit more covering so if you are leaning towards vintage usually a small pair of nude undies under will suffice.

Looking forward to working with you!!!

NOTE: This is a home studio and I do own cats, so please, if you allergic let me know. I can not remove the problem completely before your shoot but I can at least sweep and the cats will be always in the back half of the house during your shoot. If you are allergic you may want to take a Benadryl before coming over to avoid runny eyes and sneezes!

NOTE: I do retouch you from head to toe in editing to make sure you look perfect, I do not aim to change your size too much unless you ask for heavier editing. I do tuck bulges, smooth skin, remove scars, bumps and bruises. If there is a mark that you want to make sure remains in your final images please let me know during the shoot. 

Note: Since we are doing your portrait reveal following your shoot, it's a good idea to bring yourself a snack!

Check list:  

Wardrobe (if needed)_______  

Any undergarments that may be needed:________

shoes (if needed) ________

Final payment: ______

Prep nails/shaving_____

Clean super dry hair (if styling is required): ______

Comfy, loose clothing to wear to the shoot ______

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