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-Email me for my studio PDF that includes all the information you'll need, along with a list of all my rates and products available. Hit my back with any and all questions you have!

There are two sittings available:

half session:

1 set, 1 outfit, professional hair and makeup styling, and 10 retouched portraits to order from.

A full session: 

an in person preshoot consultation to plan your shoot and wardrobe in advance.

2 sets, 2 outfits, professional hair and makeup styling and 20 retouched portraits to order from

-Once we set a shoot date

I will send along your deposit (my portion of the session fee total, the stylist portion of the session fee is paid day of the shoot) invoice which is due at booking (but im flexible if you need a little time.

We will either set your consultation date or i'll presend along your contract, and prep guide(s) so you are fully ready for the day if you are not coming in for a consult. 


-On your shoot day you will arrive, fully prepped and ready to rock! (My prep-guide for each style of shoot will help you feel confident that you are bringing what you need, it's really not all that much! I provide almost everything you'll need!)

-Full hair and make-up

Styling is provided for every shoot for one person. If you are splitting a shoot with a friend, or adding in your daughter/sister/

mother/etc, we can easily accommodate you all. The styling is done my professional stylists right in studio.

-Time to get dressed!

I have a huge wardrobe available, dresses/gowns, lingerie, vintage, it can be overwhelming! I carry size zero through size 26 in most items. This is where the in person consult comes in handy because you can pre-pick what you'd like to wear and even try it on to make sure you love it before the shoot! 

-Time to shoot!

Note: Sitting fee covers the shoot itself, the hair and makeup, and all of the retouching. Digitals are not included in the sitting fee, but you don't decide on anything until you see your final retouched images, and there is no commitment to purchase! All print/digital/product rates are included in my studio PDF that you will get before booking.)

You can do any two combos of the following:

-Vintage Hollywood glam/Pinup

-Contemporary Portrait

-Boudoir in modern or vintage style

-Personal Branding Sessions (If you're in business, your clientele needs to see you, you should put your personality into the images you put out into the world!)

-family/mommy and me

-classical painting inspired

Shoot with your:


Mommy/daddy & me sessions



Vintage or Modern styling!

You are welcome to split a shoot with a friend, or even both book full or half sessions at the same time so you can come together.
We even offer photo shoot parties for groups for special rates.

*If you are interested in product photography, calendar shoots, or something on location please email me to chat details on that!

- Time to wait: I hand retouch each one of your portraits to perfection, which can take some time. I try to keep it around 2 weeks usually! 

-Reveal day! This is the day you return to the studio to see your finished portraits in person for the first time! We go through your photos one by one on the big screen, I will talk your through all of the beautiful products that you can order to display your images for years to come. I do not hard-sell you. There is absolutely no commitment to order anything. You only go home with what you really love.

Impossible to come back in for a reveal?

It happens sometimes, and while I always recommend coming in to see your images in their full glory, I can send a watermarked online album for viewing at home if needed.

We have a variety of pretty drop-dead gorgeous products that you can pick from, take a peek here!

Only interested in digitals? Gottcha, we live in a digital age. But guess what? With my prints/products you get BOTH.

That's right, every pose you

order, in any format, comes with a high resolution digital with personal printing rights, and publication rights! You are more than welcome to get just digitals, but they cost the same as my smallest wall portrait, so I always recommend getting the free digital with a print, because why not?

Digitals only can be purchased but they are the same price per image as my smallest ala cart print (5x7). Why? It's not so much that you are purchasing the material the portrait is printed on, you are are purchasing the time I put into creating the image, the time retouching, and all my years of experience I have worked endlessly to make sure you see the most incredible images of yourself at your reveal.

The session fee barely puts a scratch into my overhead as a business, where I earn a living is from the images you purchase. Again, you choose how much you want to spend. I spend a good few years working at a corporate chain portrait studio, feeling pressured to always upsell. Let me tell you, it was uncomfortable to say the least, for both myself and the clients. I've chosen to run my business differently. Which is why I always try to book only one shoot a day, I don't rush people through any big finical decisions, and I DO NOT PRESSURE SELL.

You will only go home with what you love and what you choose to spend, and if you have to leave behind some portraits you love, I do keep them as long as possible and you are always welcome to add on to your order later on. 

We take all forms of payments (except personal checks!) and I can even set up installment payments that you can do for up to six months if needed. Just talk to me about details on that, I'm flexible!


Your portraits are here! Delivered right to your door (but can be sent to the studio for pickup if needed, it is faster and one less time they need to go through the mail) They can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to be delivered so be sure to book at least 4-6 weeks before you need images in hand!

All digitals are delivered to you to download via email within 1-2 days after your order is finalized.

Now you get to share and enjoy your images for a lifetime!

Warning, it gets a little addicting!

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