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The Whole Process Start to Finish


*Damn, yes this looks like a lot of reading, but you are not booking some fly-by-night little photo shoot here, you are booking an epic portrait experience to spoil yourself the way you have deserved to be spoiled for YEARS now...I promise at the end you will come out knowing exactly how everything works, having all your questions answered (and if not email me with more!) and feeling confident you understand pricing, payment plans, and how the shoot day works! Information is power and I want you to go into this experience feeling fully educated with no surprises! (well maybe good surprises but that's it!)

This entire page is REQUIRED reading before booking your shoot.

Step 1: Get informed on pricing!

Congrats because if you are on this page that means you already did this step! It is important to review the PDF that I sent you and understand that there are NO prints/digitals included in the session fee BUT the majority of your session fee ($400 out of the $525) IS a portrait order credit, that means any product or collection you think you may be interested in, $400 of it is already paid in your deposit! So essentially think of anything you *might* want to purchase from the product list in the PDF as $400 less than the listed price because that is a credit you have automatically by paying your deposit. 

I can hear you thinking, "what about if I just want digitals???? Surely they're cheaper than doing these fancy prints?" They're each actually the same price as the 8x10 ala cart print, and the more you buy the more you save, following the discounts the collections go by.

EVERY single pose/portrait you order in a physical printed product comes with that exact same high resolution digital. You get both printed and digital this way. If you really don't want physical prints for some reason we can totally do all digital, but the price will remain the same either way.

That's because the value of my work is not in the paper and ink the printed images are made with, the value is in the work, time, resources, experience, and love that I put into creating your finished images from our first contact right through to delivery of your beautiful portraits. Think of it as, you are purchasing the digitals, which, in old school film terms, is like owning the negative of a print. That digital comes with the permission and rights to print from it as much as you'd like, in anyway you like for all of eternity. It also gives you permission to share on social media, use for business promotions, submit to magazines or contests, business cards, websites, promotional materials, show and event flyers, author photos for book jackets, etc!

So I always recommend going for the printed product that comes with the digital because if it's the same price, why not?

Step 2: This is your next step to do today!! Book yourself a shoot!

Set a shoot & consultation date, to do this email me back and say you're ready to move forward with a shoot and let me know, if you haven't already, what days of the week work best for you. 

We usually aim for morning start times for the shoot itself, as styling, shoot and reveal session that day can go a good 4ish+  hours, and stylists are normally more available before their salon shifts start for the day. (Don't worry we factor in a mini lunch/snack break after the shoot so we can go into the reveal with out hungry brain!)

We will get you on the calendar with a stylist on a day that works for everyone, I can book you up to 12 months out, but of course will have times available much sooner so check with me on dates.


( If your preferred shoot date goes into a calendar year we are not currently in, there is a chance my rates will be changing at the new year so please check in with me as I will be trying to have the following year's pdf ready by June of each year at the latest. The info as it stands on this page is for the calendar year of 2024.)

I recommend booking 2 months in advance whenever possible. However I sometimes have last minute dates available so feel free to email me with your date requests. Book a minimum 1.5 months before you want physical printed products in hand once the order is paid in full. Digitals you usually have a good 2-3 weeks before physical prints.

The consultation we aim for around 2 weeks before the shoot or more. But try to keep it within the month of your shoot.

I will collect your deposit at booking ($250) to hold your date. The remaining $275 is due the day of your shoot along with any upgrade fees you may chose to add on (deluxe sets, adding a 3rd set, or styling upgrades).

Booking more than 1 person? I can accommodate small families, couples, siblings or small generational family photos.

There is no extra charge to add a person to your shoot unless they require hair and makeup styling. Please inquiry with your exact group needs and I will give you a solid quote. We do offer mens and kids styling as well. Hair and makeup styling is not required, if you do not need it you can save money on your session fee.

p.s. I do have a home studio! The studio is the front half of my home and the rest is closed off to the public, I have 7 cats, all who will not be present in the studio and are not allowed in the styling room. If you have allergies please let me know and I will sweep extra well before the session and you may want to take an allergy pill to be safe.

Also my husband does work from home and may be in the back half of the house a bit while we are shooting, you will literally never see his face in the house unless we have a crazy set change we need to do in which case I will inform you well in advance, I usually send clients into the styling room to chill for a few while this is happening so even then you may never see him. We are a well practiced set changing pit crew so its usually 5-10 mins before he's out the door and we are back to shooting. Some of the sets are just too big/tall/heavy for me to change on my own.

This may  feel like a lot of information, I don't expect any of my clients to memorize all this info. But I do want you going into this experience feeling fully informed and empowered to know how the preparation, shooting, and ordering processes work. With that knowledge its easy to enjoy the fun parts, and I am of course on call always for questions if anything feels fuzzy for you. Seriously hit me up anytime!


Step 3: Doing the consultation!

This is to plan your shoot in person, see the studio in advance, pick wardrobe (and even try on in advance if you like) ask questions, talk about how to prepare for the shoot, and go over any specific goals and looks you're hoping to get from your dream shoot. 

And of course picking your sets and seeing all the printed products in advance so you can start planning how you might want to display your portraits.

Most of this can be done via email if you cannot make more than one trip in for your session, we will just have you come in 15 minutes before your scheduled time to start picking wardrobe and the rest we can do in advance via email. You are always welcome to provide your own wardrobe, but I do have a huge selection of options sizes xsm-xxxl)

You will also have some (fun) homework of gathering a few images both from my site, and elsewhere on the internet to serve as inspiration, for the general vibe, styling and/or posing that you want to aim for in your shoot! This is not required homework but it does help give the shoot some focus. 

These are the ONLY available sets currently: Current available Sets

Please think about which 2-3 you love and we can set a plan at your consultation, though they're not set in stone, as long as I know for sure which you want at least a few days before your shoot, that is fine!

p.s. the sets go by BASIC and DELUXE pricing, ALL basic sets are included in the session fee, the DELUXE sets have additional upgrade fees as they can be a lot of additional setup, when you click the photo of a deluxe set you will be able to see the upgrade fee for each, they vary in price.

Step 4: SHOOT DAY!

You will arrive at your scheduled time to start hair and makeup styling, you are welcome to just get make-up or hair, or none.

I know some people like to handle their own styling and that's totally fine!

Coming fully styled can make scheduling more flexible and saves you $125 off your session fee.

If you want just hair, or just makeup, you will save $50 off your session fee.

You are welcome to bring your own products if you have skin sensitivity or just really like a certain product but otherwise we have everything. You are also encouraged to bring in hair/makeup photo inspiration photos but it is not required.

Once you are styled we will start your shoot on the sets we pre-picked. Every session includes your choice of two sets, with an option to add a 3rd for an additional fee (inquire for rate if you want that 3rd set!).

We will shoot a variety of poses and angles until I have at least 30+ beautiful images for you to pick from. Normally i'd shoot 10 poses per outfit on whatever set combos you'd like, but we can do more in one look and less in another too. It's really up to you how you'd like to break things up.

 I will guide you through posing head to toe, so there is no need to worry about what to do, if you can follow directions, you can be totally stunning in your photos. If you feel confident and want to do some free-style posing you are of course welcome to do that as well, just let me know in the moment as I'm use to guiding people but love working with people who have modeling experience as well! Modeling experience is 100% NOT required though.


As I shoot each pose, when I get a shot I am happy with I will show you on the back of the camera and if there's anything you want tweaked please let me know and tweak we will! It is always easier to fix things in person than in post retouching, and some things NEED to be fixed in person so feel free to speak up! I have been doing this 14+ years, you will not hurt my feelings! This is about you feeling your absolute best, we are collaborating on creating custom art for you so you can be as involved in that process as you are comfortable with.

I've had clients come in with no clue what they wanted to do, from wardrobe, styling, even sets, and posing, they say, "I have no clue just make me look beautiful!"

 And that is totally okay! If you feel this way, I GOT YOU.

Maybe you are looking for something more specific and want to have more input in the process, also totally okay! 

This is a customized experience and I will roll with whatever level you'd like to be involved. 

The most important thing for you to do is read everything I send you so you are well educated on the process, what to bring/do day of the shoot (Covered in the consultation) and rates, ordering process, and any payment plans you think you may need.

Step 5: The Selection process/Ordering session!

Your same day portrait reveal: As soon as your shoot is done we break for about 20 mins, You will hang in the styling room, pack a snack to eat before hand and snap some selfies. While you do this I will be selecting the best shot from each of your poses and getting them loaded into a beautiful viewing album for us to review together.

Once done we will sit down together at the big screen and go through each one to pick which collection you'd like to purchase based on how many portraits you love.

You only go home with portraits you love and I don't do the hard sell, pushy sales stuff because that makes me just as uncomfortable as I'm sure it does you!

These photos you are seeing at the after shoot selection of course are not your finished portraits!

Once I know what photos you love and purchase I will spend the next couple weeks fully retouching them to perfection.
This allows me to collaborate with you on your retouching needs! Some people like a little retouching some people like a lot! Either way is fine and this is a zero judgement zone! If there's anything in particular you want done on any of the images, obviously I will do my regular thing unless less than normal retouching is requested! 

I will:

Do a skin retouch, including dark spots, scars, bruises, acne, scabs, tan lines, etc.

Clean up hair.

touch up clothing as needed.

Tuck any places just a little to assure perfect curves while still looking like YOU.

Touch up lighting and add in any elements to help bring out the theme and vibe of the portraits, just my general magic I've been doing well over a decade now.

Generally remove anything that distracts from the star of the image, You!

However you know you best, and I know we can be our own worst critics, so seeing your unretouched images will give you a chance to weigh in on the retouching process and allows me to show a larger selection of pose options than I have been able to in the past. 

In prior years I was retouching ALL the photos which would take weeks and require clients to come in a second time for their portrait reveal/ordering session, and not everyone can always purchase ALL their images (which I understand!) so a lot of my work and time was just sitting on a hard drive collecting dust. This wasn't sustainable for me to do much longer which is why I've switched to this method so I can have more time on curating an awesome experience for my clients and also being able to show a lot more options for poses at the end of the shoot! Shooting with the same day, unretouched reveals has made these shoots even more fun, loose, and creative!

You will see 30+ portraits at the reveal portion of the shoot and I can help you go through and make selections and look at products that will work best for your budget and needs. While I may point out how close you are to upgrading to the next collection or special rates you may get on ala cart items added to a collection, I won't be trying to talk you into purchasing more than you want/are comfortable with. 

Once we have your choices picked day of the shoot you will pay for your order in full or we can discuss payment plans or financing options (see the link below for payment plan info!) As soon as the order is paid in full I will retouch your choices (usually takes 1-2.5 weeks depending on number of images ordered. Keep in mind this means 1-2.5 weeks after any payment plan is complete as well.

I do offer up to 12 months payment plans after the shoot, and I also offer pre-payment plans on packages so you can pay leading up to your shoot, but if you go for a pre-payment plan please feel confident you are happy with the number of images and price of the collection, as you can not downgrade, but may always upgrade. That being said most of my clients love all or at least most of their portraits so you are in good hands.



Samples of "original" coloring vs. "Enhanced

Step 6: Finalizing your Portrait order

Once I have your choices fully retouched, I will send them to you for your approval before sending them to the lab for printing, at this point I can make one more round of small tweaks if requested before sending them to the lab, or if you love them as is I just need the okay from you and off they go to be printed! And then I will send over a digital download album with your choices as high resolution digitals with personal printing rights and publication rights form signed by me.

During this last step you will see your (fully retouched) original style portrait of each of your chosen portraits AND an "enhanced" version of the same portraits, which will have some kind of extra color toning and/or elements that you can pick one or the other for your final printed product!  

BUT you will be receiving BOTH enhanced and original versions as high resolution digitals so you only have to pick between the two for your physical printed products.


Remember the digitals come with personal printing rights and publication rights, so you can print a million from all your friends, submit to magazines, use for business promotion, author photos for book jackets, etc! 

Seeing the unretouched portraits may not be everyone's cup of tea, if this is something you may find triggering please feel free to talk to me about it and I can arrange another option for you. 

All payments towards the session fee/portrait orders are non-refundable and payment plans are created on good faith.

Once an order is paid for/towards it can not be changed or refunded!

If you go for a payment plan the same is true, there are no downgrades in packages and/or refunds once you agree, so we will be sure to go over your order as many times as you need before fully committing. Remember this is my only job and the studio is my family's only income besides little crafty projects and vintage items I hustle occasionally on the side. (o;

For more info on payment plans see below!

Step 7: The delivery:

Once your final edits are approved I will send you an album to download your high resolution digitals from along with a signed printing/publication release from me. I will send any printed products ordered to the lab and it will take 2.5-3 weeks to get orders in hand, sometimes less and I can arrange rush shipping on occasion.

I can ship your collection/products to you or you can pickup at the studio. Production time on physical products can run a bit longer around christmas time and there are lab cut off dates so be sure to book anything for christmas gifts well in advance.


Rescheduling/ Canceling Policy:

If you are rescheduling for dangerous weather or anything covid related (symptoms, Known exposure, or positive test for yourself or someone you live with) there is NO rescheduling fee. We will get you booked in as soon as everything is safe again. I don't want anyone risking their health and life for a photo shoot.

That being said I expect the same flexibility with my clients if myself or my stylists need the same rescheduling for these reasons as well.

 I obviously have a home studio and do not need to worry about travel in bad weather unless we have an on location shoot, but I do have some stylists who travel up to an hour or more to be here and have to take their safety into consideration. And any covid related incidents from them.. I will first check if another stylist can fill in, which with enough notice may be possible. And if not we will need to reschedule.


Covid related stuff when it comes to me will for sure need to be rescheduled, but my husband and I are still being extra careful due to a lot of immunocompromised family, and are rarely sick with anything otherwise to be mistaken for covid symptoms, to this date (knock on wood) I've never had to reschedule anyone on my account for this reason.

Also with the insane weather we have been having if I am with out power I obviously can not do the shoot at that time and we will need to reschedule. Luckily I haven't (again...knock on wood) have had a long power outage in a good couple years.

If myself or my stylist needs to reschedule for any other reason I will be giving you a $100 gift voucher to use towards your session as an apology for the inconvenience. Emergencies with family and other health issues are always things to consider for everyone.

Rescheduling for any other reason on your end:

There is a $50 reschedule fee if its less than two weeks before your shoot,

and $100 if its less than 72 hours before your shoot.

This will hold all payments you have made towards your session (deposit plus any pre-payment plan funds you may have paid) for up to 3 months of rescheduling, if you need to schedule beyond that an additional $100 will be due as a retainer fee.

If for any reason on my end where i'd need to reschedule you more than 3 months out on my account (which would only be if something immobilized me to be honest!) and you are no longer interested in the shoot and wouldn't want to wait for me I will be happy to return your deposit and any additional payments you may have made towards a portrait order via

pre-payment plan.

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