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Look, I'll be honest here, this experience is not for everyone, maybe i'm not your ideal photographer because my style just isn't what you're looking for, maybe I don't offer shoots you need (large families, newborns, weddings), maybe im just not within budget right now (which I get! I offer super flexible payment plans but even then it may not be enough so maybe I'm not your right now photographer but I could be your future photographer!)

These shoots are designed to do nothing short of make you feel stunning. That is a need that could be in you for many reasons, maybe you never have loved a photo of yourself, maybe you want to leave behind an legacy, tell a story, convey an idea, celebrate a milestone, or just do something for yourself for a change. No matter what your reason to do it is, it's 100% valid.

There are always a ton of reasons not to do something, as long as its not fear, I understand and support you!

If it is fear holding you back, let's just chat and see what I can do to put your worries at ease! There are ways to shoot around a million insecurities, but you have to take the leap of faith and allow me to show you how beautiful you are.

My goal is to take the most incredible portrait of yourself that you've ever seen.

Everything in your shoot can be designed for you, from your styling, to your wardrobe, to your sets and your finished printed portraits, I'm here to guide you through all the options, and land us both at "DAMN GIRL, LOOK AT YOU!"

I've shot with women from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome here. This is a judgement free experience. The only thing that matters is that you come out feeling a little shinier than you went in!

Every Session includes:

-In person (or email) Consultation to plan your dream shoot.
-Access to a huge selection of wardrobe in sizes ranging from xsm-xxxL
-A variety of backdrops and sets to select from
-Professional Hair & Makeup Styling for one person (More can be added for extra people!)
-Beautiful finished portraits delivered both digital and in stunning printed collections of your choice.

Shoot with your kids, mom, sister, best friend, significant other etc!
Split a session with your bestie and get a few shots together if you like! I customize each session for you!


Let's hear those objections.

"I'm not photogenic."

 That's literally not a thing. 

I don't care if you blink every time a camera flashes, I will take a thousand shots until you don't. Don't know what to do with your hands? Hey, guess what! That's my job! Feel awkward about your smile? Okay, let's do sassy or peaceful looks instead! Really hate your (insert body part/scar/etc here)? I will work around it so it will be a non-factor. You are hiring me to provide you with a polished product, so if there's something you are worried about, talk to me about it. No judgments here! We all have that "thing" we think everyone else notices about us, the truth is only we notice it most of the time. So tell me your "thing" and your thing, becomes my thing. My job is to make sure you're happy with it! Being photogenic only comes down to how comfortable you are in front of a camera, and it's my job to make you comfortable!

"I'd feel too vain."

Hey girl, let's get on the self-love train!
You are a human being and deserve to feel joy. If deep in your guts you feel that seeing a show-stopping portrait of yourself would bring you joy, DO IT. You don't owe anyone an explanation. You deserve to feel beautiful, dammit.
"Why would I need photos of myself?"

Well, besides all the reasons I've been raving like a lunatic about so far...
How about because a beautiful portrait of you would literally become the most precious possession your loved ones will own of you after you're gone. 
And because you only have one life, why not celebrate it?
Get portraits with the people you love, when you get engaged, when you get married, when you're expecting your first, second, third baby! When you turn 30, 40, 50, 60, 70! Get portraits with and of your children..can you imagine having a beautiful set of portraits literally showing your children growing up? Could you imagine something that will be more precious to you once they've grown? Get portraits with your parents, seriously, you will want these one day. Get your pets photographed with you, they are pretty much our children as well after all. Use your portraits to grow your social circle, brand your business, show off your passions. There's literally so much that makes you uniquely YOU. Why wouldn't you want to capture the incredible story that is your life?! 

"It's too much money."
I do offer payment plans! Both prepayment leading up to a shoot, or after! Or even a little of both if needed. MOST of your session fee is a portrait order credit! So it goes towards whatever you end up purchasing! Remember there is 100% no commitment to order anything and you don't have to decide what you want to order until you see your images, but if you go into this experience knowing you want at least a certain number of photos I am happy to set up that pre-payment/lay away plan for you so you can work towards the incredible end result and have no wait to get your images when its done! You will be linked to all the payment plan info then you email me!

Again, I get it, it's not for everyone, but that being said...

You get a ton of highly customized details in your session, and detailed posing, lighting, and retouching, all done with love. However, I understand finances aren't always ideal (or even close) to what we would like. I will work to fully educate you on our pricing before you book so there are no sudden surprises, I don't hard sell you, I only let you know what options are available to you and then you make the decisions and only take home what you love. My job is to take photos that you love SO much that you want them all, not to talk you into loving ones you really don't dig. (But you'll probably dig them all, fair warning.)

Good things to keep in mind is: You can shoot with a friend for a small extra fee and split costs! Or shoot with your mom, sister, etc! Make a special day of it.
"I need to lose "X" amount of pounds."

Okay, I have two responses to this one:
On one hand, using a photo shoot as a reward is an AWESOME motivator. Get a shoot on the books for for as long as you want out (up to 12 months) and go for it!
On the other hand: if you're anything like me, you say things like this and then life happens and you just don't pull it off. That's OK! Seriously, my posing alone can make you look 15 pounds lighter. When they say the camera adds 10 pounds, well my response is "the wrong person is holding that camera." Don't wait just because of a few pesky pounds. You deserve to feel beautiful now!

"I have no idea how to model."

You don't have to know a thing!
I will tell you what to do from head to toe! Where to put your hands, where to look, what to do with your face, when the proper time to arch your back is, seriously, I'm certain if posing was an Olympic sport I would win a gold.

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